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Freight Broker Training
Truck Dispatcher Training

Welcome to TALTOA!

For well over 20 years we’ve trained and consulted transportation professionals from all parts of the world. Our training is in depth, focused, and easy to understand no matter one’s experience level. As we’ve grown we’ve updated our training, added training, and even removed training as the industry changed. 

Today, our training is designed for those wishing to enter the transportation industry as a freight broker, freight broker agent, a carrier seeking to add an additional stream of revenue, and even those that would like to learn how to become an independent truck dispatcher. 

Our Services

Freight Broker Training

24/7 access to on-demand training for becoming and working as a successful freight broker or freight broker agent.

Truck Dispatch Training

We literally wrote the book on starting an independent dispatch service. An independent dispatch service can generate a faster income while starting your freight brokerage business. 

Freight Broker Training

Training for success as a freight broker!

24/7 Online On-Demand Training 

For more that 20 years TALTOA has provided freight broker training for those with or without experience. If you’re thinking about becoming a freight broker, it’s imperative that you be prepared. There are a lot of “freight broker training schools” or as some call them “truck broker training schools” available, we’ve seen them come and go. When you’re looking for training, look for one that put’s your success front and center. 

• Freight Broker Training Manual 
• 12 Month Unlimited Access
• Unlimited Support
• 24/7 On-Demand Access
• In-Depth Essential Training
• Start Immediately!

At TALTOA, Your Success Is Our Success!

The Training – Immediate access to all of the material listed for 1 full year. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to be a successful freight broker, and it starts with the training!

The Support – Questions during and after your training can be answered as easy as sending an email. It’s important that you understand the material, and we’re here to help.

No Travel Freight Broker Training

FREIGHT BROKER 24/7 Online On-Demand Training

Module 1: Finding Potential Customers, Making A Sales Call, Customer Set-Up, Building Customer Relationships. (Supplemental Videos, Downloads, Review Quiz)
Module 2:  Rate Sheets, Working With Spot Rates, Calculating Shipper Rates. (Supplemental Videos, Downloads, Review Quiz)
Module 3: Working With Loads, Carrier Rates, Carrier Negotiation, Load Details, Shipper Load Confirmation. (Supplemental Videos, Downloads, Review Quiz)
Module 4: Available Tools To Help You Find A Truck Such As Load Boards. (Supplemental Videos, Downloads, Review Quiz)
Module 5:  Carrier Set-Up, Due Diligence, Carrier Load Confirmation. (Supplemental Videos, Downloads, Review Quiz)
Module 6: Overage, Shortage, Damage, Transportation Management System.(Supplemental Videos, Downloads, Review Quiz)

Supplemental Training: Office & Equipment, Computer Maintenance, Sells & Selling, Marketing, The Agency System, The Freight Broker Company, Contracting To A Freight Broker As A Freight Broker Agent.

Supplemental Downloads: Sales & Marketing Manual, Freight Broker Agency Guide, Freight Broker Authority Application, Sample Broker Carrier Agreements, Sample Broker Agent Agreement, Sample Freight Broker Business Plan, Sample Resume.

Truck Dispatcher Training

Truck Dispatcher Training

It Just Makes Sense!

If you’re wanting to start your own independent dispatch service, this book is for you! If you’re starting as a freight broker or freight broker agent, you might want to also consider this package too as it gives you the opportunity to start earning money fast!

• Truck Dispatcher Training Manual
   (digital manual included with freight broker training)
• Truck Dispatcher Training Support

The Manuals

Order the hardcopy of either the Freight Broker Training Manual or Truck Dispatcher Training Manual

Freight Broker training Manual

Freight Broker Training Manual

Truck Dispatcher Training

Truck Dispatcher Training Manual

You Can Be Successful!