The Freight Broker Package

LIVE Training, On-Demand Training and Review Options, Supplemental On-Demand Training, 12 Month Consulting


The Freight Broker Package

LIVE No-Travel Training, On-Demand Training and Review Options, Supplemental On-Demand Training, 12 Month Consulting

Designed for those that have or will be filing for their freight broker authority shortly

The Freight Broker Package is designed to get you and your staff up and running quickly. We start with the basics, finding customers and making sales calls. From there the FBP training  will cover all of the essentials for working day-to-day, from getting the load through delivery, including legal and contracts.

Training will also include homework. At the end of each training session you and your staff will receive homework that will allow you to get hands-on with the different broker tools, programs, and software. These include prospecting tools, rate tools, load boards, and of course transportation management systems.

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The Freight Broker

FBP Includes

Freight Broker Essential Training
• Live training for working day-to-day as a freight broker.
• Training for up to 4 people from your brokerage.

On Demand Review Access
• 24/7 access to review material after each training session

12 Month Consulting
• Day 1 consulting
• Consult calls as needed
• Conference calls as needed
• Weekly consult newsletter

The Essential Training

• 6 No Travel Live Training Sessions 
• Advanced On-Demand Supplemental Training
• 24/7 On-Demand Review Access 
• Freight Broker Manual (1 hardcopy, unlimited downloads)
• Freight Broker Workbook (1 hardcopy, unlimited downloads)

The 6 essential training sessions, lasting approximately 1 to 1.5 hours each providing in-depth training for working day-to-day as a freight broker. At the end of each training session, attendees will be given homework for gaining hands-on experience working with the programs, tools, and software used daily.

The live training can be scheduled Monday – Saturday during our normal business hours.

Obtaining Customers
Sales Calls
Customer Set-Up
Shipper Rates

Load Boards

Carrier Vetting

Lane Building
Much More…

Up to 4 people may attend the training portion of the FBP. All that is needed to attend the training is a computer or tablet, internet access, and phone. From the attendees computer or tablet, attendees will access our system allowing them to see the material while the phone is used for conducting the live training, allowing attendees to ask questions and take part in discussions. Attendees do not need to be at the same location as a conference call will be setup if needed.

Immediate access to that sessions review material will be provided after each completed session. This material includes on-demand video for the topics of that session, supplemental video, downloads, and review quiz. Access to this material is available throughout the consulting period. Many of our clients have found this information useful for assisting in the training of new hires.

It’s important to note that the essential training is private, focused on your company and your goals. This means that there won’t be 5, 10, or 20 potential competitors attending the training at the same time. This will allow attendees to be more at ease, ask more questions, become more involved creating an optimal learning environment.

The Advanced On-Demand Supplemental Training

Advanced Training

The AODST includes additional training for a freight broker that includes equipment, basic computer maintenance, sales, sales skills, marketing, agency system, and more. As the AODST is on-demand, it will be available 24/7 after completion of the essential training.

Unless already operational, we recommend that clients not make any additional purchases (i.e.; equipment, services…) until after reviewing the AODST and speaking to your TALTOA consultant.

The Consulting

• Standard Freight Broker 12 Month Consulting Period
• Assigned TALTOA Consultant
• Day 1 Consulting Privileges
• TMP Option
• Unlimited Phone & Email Support
• Consult Calls As Needed
• Conference Calls As Needed
• 24/7 Client Area Access
• Weekly Newsletter

Our freight broker clients find that the essential training is a very important part of this package, but they learn quickly that the consulting is just as valuable. The FBP includes our standard freight broker 12 month consulting period. 

The day you begin your freight broker operation you will have questions. At first these questions could be to make sure you are doing certain tasks correctly. As you become more comfortable and experienced, you will have situations or problems arise when you will need assistance. Your consulting allows you unlimited phone and email support, with your assigned consultant, to receive answers and recommendations for the problem or situation at hand.

TALTOA Mentorship Program  (US Residents Only)

Freight Broker Package clients have the option of using up to 6 months of their consulting period working in the TMP.

The TMP Placement allows clients to begin their freight broker operation as a freight broker agent immediately after completing the essential training. You’ll be able to begin building your customer base and gaining the experience that will be helpful when your authority becomes active.

A freight broker agent works under the license of one of our freight broker consulting clients as a sub-agent of TALTOA. This allows us to be able to monitor your progress, make recommendations, as well as make sure you’re dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. Agents in the TMP earn a 50% commission on the load net of any load successfully moved. 

The Options

The Web Design Package

Includes domain, 5 page web design, and 1st year of hosting.

Today a website is the Yellow Pages of yesterday. A website is telling your story 24/7 for only pennies per day. You can’t not afford to have a website for your business.

Contact your consultant after registration to discuss and add the Web Design Package.

Video Production

A visual story is paramount in today’s business world. This includes video and photography as part of your marketing efforts. We can help you tell your story.

Contact us to discuss your project.

Audio Production

Professional audio for any need. This need could be for training material, your phone system, podcasts, or even an internet radio station that broadcasts your message 24/7.

Contact us to discuss your project.

Registration – $1495

Available to you are several ways in which to register for the Freight Broker Package. You may register and make payment by selecting the Register button below. Payment options include financing your registration through PayPal Credit, using your credit/debit card, or using your PayPal Account. 

To learn more, have questions answered, or to register for the Freight Broker Package by phone, please call (479) 668-0838. After your payment has processed, you will receive a receipt and within 12 hours you will receive a New Client Information email.

Freight Broker Package Registration – Total Price $1,495 (s/h included)
The Freight Broker Manual and Workbook will normally ship on the next business day after registration. We ship USPS Priority Mail, allow 3-4 days for delivery. After you have received the Manual and Workbook, you may contact your assigned consultant to schedule your first training session.