Freight Broker Essential

5 Days of in-depth, hands-on training at our location in Fort Smith, Ar.
12 Month Consulting Period

For Those Working Under Their Own
Freight Broker License


5 Days of in-depth, hands-on training at our location in Fort Smith, Ar.


Procedures, Credit Risks, Contracts, Carrier Vetting, & more


A 12 month consulting period designed for freight brokers

Freight Broker Essential

Preparing For A Successful Freight Brokerage

Freight Broker Essential – $4950
Training, Preparation, & Consulting

The Freight Broker Essential training & consulting package is designed for those that are preparing to begin operations under their own freight broker license, as a freight brokerage company. 

If you have not yet filed for your own authority, we recommend that you call and speak to one of our consultants prior to filing. Often we’ve had clients file for their authority in advance to find that they need to amend their original filing due to errors. These errors can slow the process for when your authority becomes active.

When you have filed for your authority, it can take 3-6 weeks to become active. Although this may seem like a long time, in reality it’s not. There is much work to be done between the filing and the date you can actually begin operations. We recommend attending the training portion of your consulting package at or before the time of your actual filing.

The 5 Day Training

Up to 5 people may attend the training portion of your Freight Broker Essential consulting package. We recommend that these be key people in your organization, as we will be discussing items pertaining to your operation that you may not wish to be known by administrative staff, brokers, or agents. Should you wish to bring operational personnel to the training, please inform us in advance so sensitive topics can be saved for another time.

Each attendee will be provided with our Freight Broker Training Manual & Workbook.
It is mandatory that all attending bring a laptop and calculator. 

During the training we will cover all aspects of the day-to-day responsibilities of a freight broker. From finding the load through delivery, including legal and contracts. In addition we will cover equipment, computer maintenance, sales, sales skills, marketing, marketing techniques, agency system, freight broker management systems, and more.

During training you will gain actual real world experience working with the different tools, software, and programs that you will be using as a freight broker. These include tools for prospecting, mileage, rate calculations, load boards, and more. You will be using the actual tools during training, not demos. In addition, we will be making recommendations on which tools, systems, and services you may wish to consider adding to your operation, as well as those you won’t.

Expect outside industry experts to provide you with more information via lectures and Q & A sessions. These experts may include shippers, accountants, dispatchers, and others. Outside industry experts are available as their time permits.

The Consulting

Our freight broker clients find that the training provided as part of the Freight Broker Essential package is very important, but quickly learn that the consulting is just as valuable. During and after training, you will have 12 months of freight broker consulting privileges.

The day you begin operations as a freight broker you will have questions, as you’ll learn during training. At first these questions could be to make sure you are doing certain tasks correctly. As you become more comfortable and experienced, you will have situations or problems arise when you need assistance. Your consulting allows you unlimited phone and email support, with your assigned consultant, to receive answers and recommendations for the problem or situation at hand.

As consulting for a freight broker begins immediately upon registration, we will begin by assisting you with preparation of the documents you will need for your operation. These documents include broker carrier agreements, broker agent agreements, and more. Please note that we do not perform the administrative tasks of preparing customized documents, but do provide you with templates so that documents may be customized for your use. 

Included with your consulting privileges is unrestricted access to our client area. This gives you 24/7 access to videos, manuals, downloads, directories, and more. Freight broker clients have found this to be useful for training their own staff, be it freight broker employees or agents.

Clients also receive substantial discounts on our other services such as agent training, web design, video production, photography, audio production, and other marketing aides that we provide.

Freight broker clients that will be initializing an agency system may receive unlimited agent placement. As we have an unlimited pool of agents completing training every week, we are able to help you build your agent base from all parts of the country.

Included With The Freight Broker Essential Consulting:

• Assigned Consultant
• 12 Month Consulting Period
• Day 1 Consulting Privileges
• Unlimited Phone & Email Support
• One-On-One Consult Calls
• 24/7 Client Area
• Discounted Live Agent Training 
• Marketing Training
• Marketing Assistance (website, video & audio production, printables…)


– Web Design Package –

Today, a website for your business isn’t an option – you will need one. We can provide you a complete turnkey Web Design Package that includes domain (, standard or responsive design, and the first year of hosting with unlimited email addresses. TALTOA clients may add this to their package at a substantial discount. Contact your assigned consultant to add a Web Design Package.


To register or schedule your dates for the Freight Broker Essential training & consulting package, please call 800.582.4167. Full payment must accompany registration. If paying by credit or debit card a 3 week advance registration of your chosen dates is required. If choosing to pay by check, we require a 6 week advance registration. 

The Training

  • Sales Training
  • Prospecting
  • Sales Calls
  • Sales Agents
  • Broker Agents
  • Agency System
  • Computing Rates
  • Negotiating Rates
  • Contract/Spot Rates
  • Double Brokered Loads
  • Blind Double Brokered Loads
  • Bulk Rates
  • Blind Shipments
  • Working With Carriers
  • Working With Shippers
  • Lane Building
  • Contracts/Agreements
  • Load Board
  • Load Confirmations
  • Software
  • Carrier Due Diligence
  • Equipment
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Sales
  • Sales Skills
  • Marketing
  • Credit Analysis
  • More…

Freight Broker Essential

To register for the Freight Broker Essential & Reserve your dates, call 800.582.4167. Training days are Monday – Friday.