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Freight Broker Training
Option 1

Freight Broker Training – Option 1

LIVE No-Travel Freight Broker Training, 12 Month 24/7 On-Demand Review Access, 12 Month Consulting Period, Lifetime Training Support, Freight Broker Agent Placement Assistance

Freight Broker Training – Option 1

The Freight Broker Training Option 1 package is designed to get you and your staff up and running quickly. We start with the basics, finding customers and making sales calls. From there the  training  will cover all of the essentials for working day-to-day, from getting the load through delivery, including legal and contracts.

Training will also include homework. At the end of each training session you and your staff will receive homework that will allow you to put to practice what you have learned in that training session. 

We’ll not only cover the basics for working day-to-day as a freight broker, we’ll discuss how to get your authority, when to get your authority, recommend software, insurance, and other tools such as load boards. In addition, determining credit worthiness of customers. You want to make sure the customer will pay before moving a load.

Freight Broker Training
Option 1 Includes

Freight Broker Training
• Live training for working day-to-day as a freight broker.
• Administrative training (i.e.; agency system, credit, billing…)
• Training for up to 5 people from your brokerage.

On Demand Review Access
• 24/7 access to review material after each training session
• 12 Month access

12 Month Consulting
• Day 1 consulting
• Consult calls as needed
• Conference calls as needed

Option 1 Training

• 6 No Travel Live Training Sessions 
• Advanced On-Demand Supplemental Training
• 24/7 On-Demand Review Access For 1 Year 
• Freight Broker Manual (1 hardcopy, unlimited downloads)
• Freight Broker Workbook (1 hardcopy, unlimited downloads)
• Truck Dispatcher Training Manual (unlimited downloads)

The 6  training sessions, lasting approximately 1 to 1.5 hours each, provide in-depth training for working day-to-day as a freight broker with additional training for the administrative side of a freight brokerage. At the end of each training session, attendees will be given homework for gaining hands-on experience working with the programs, tools, and software used daily.

The live training can be scheduled Monday – Friday. Can’t make a live training session? You have the option of On-Demand training available 24/7.

• The laws and the broker license
• The application, bond, and process agents
• State and federal compliance issues
• Definitions
• Double brokering
• Marketing
• Purchasing databases
• Creating and using your own database
• Who’s your customer
• Selling 101
• Your business image you generate
• Sales letters
• Prospecting customers
• Finding carriers
• Customer relationship
• Carrier relationship

• Spot market transportation
• Backhauls
• Your office, your business plan
• Credentials swap before contracting
• Tariffs
• Supply and Demand
• Rate calculation
• How a broker should quote a rate
• Brokers and market estimate
• Shipper rate stabilization 
• The concept of notification time
• Shipper exclusivity
• Truck finding process
• The booking process
• Negotiating with the shipper
• Negotiating with the carrier

• Brokerage Operation
• Soliciting carriers
• Soliciting shippers
• Shipper credit
• Carrier vetting
• Billing
• Paying Carriers
• Collection calls
• Factoring
• Load board strategies
• Posts loads
• Using the phone
• Your website
• Review

The Consulting

• Standard Freight Broker 12 Month Consulting Period
• Assigned TALTOA Consultant
• Day 1 Consulting Privileges
• Freight Broker Agent Placement Availability
• Unlimited Phone & Email Support
• Consult Calls As Needed
• Conference Calls As Needed
• 24/7 Client Area Access
• Newsletter

Our freight broker clients find that the essential training is a very important part of this package, but they learn quickly that the consulting is just as valuable. The Option 1 includes our standard freight broker 12 month consulting period. 

The day you begin your freight broker operation you will have questions. At first these questions could be to make sure you are doing certain tasks correctly. As you become more comfortable and experienced, you will have situations or problems arise when you will need assistance. Your consulting allows you unlimited phone and email support to receive answers and recommendations for the problem or situation at hand. 


Website (optional)

Freight broker or freight broker agent, you are your own business and will need a web presence. We can design a 5 page website that includes forms, photos, favicon, sitemap, mobile responsive, full ownership, cross browser compatibility, and submitted to search engines. All you provide is the domain and host. Need help with that, not a problem.

Registration $1295
Freight Broker  Training Option 1

To register for the Freight Broker Option 1 training, touch the Register button below to make payment. Once payment has been made you will be redirected to your Registered page that will contain information you will need for your Freight Broker training.
You may also call (479) 668-0838 to register.

Registration $1545
Freight Broker Option 1 Training With Website

To register for the Freight Broker Option 1 training with website touch the Register button below to make payment. Once payment has been made you will be redirected to your Registered page that will contain information you’ll need for you Freight Broker training & website.
You may also call (479) 668-0838 to register.

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