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New Client Information Area

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Welcome To TALTOA

First, thank you for choosing  TALTOA. We’re looking forward to helping you achieve your goals as a freight broker, freight broker agent, or dispatcher.

Our clients come from everywhere and have included individuals that are just beginning their transportation careers, professional athletes, small and large companies, and even international conglomerates such as PepsiCo and others.

Our number 1 goal is your success! We want you to be successful, as your success is our success. We hope that as you grow your freight broker business that you’ll return for more of our services such as web design, marketing, training for your staff, and added consulting.

Below is the name and contact information of your assigned consultant. 
Michael Brasch


Please read everything on this page and complete the New Client Information Form. The information you provide on this form is for our eyes only, we don’t share it with anyone.

Again, thanks for choosing TALTOA.

TALTOA Staff and Management
(479) 668-0838


New Client Information Form


*For those that chose a package with Live Training option.

Follow these steps to attend your live No-Travel Training

1) Go to
2) Touch “Login”
3) Select “Live Training”
4) Enter Your First Name In Space Provided
5) Touch OK

You may also log in at the bottom of the page by touching the Live Training Button.

Once connected you will be in the Waiting Room (see example). When it’s time to begin your training session, you will be admitted to the training area and your consultant will call you at the number you provided.

*should you need to reschedule, please provide your consultant with as much advance notice as possible. This allows us to schedule another client in your place.


Links To Bookmark

The links below will be useful during and after your training. You can bookmark them now for easier access when needed.

DAT Load Board 

DAT is the Granddaddy of the load boards. We use DAT exclusively in training. when you begin your broker operation, the DAT load board will be on your wish list.


This is another popular load board that is utilized in the transportation industry. Although not in the same ballpark as DAT, still a load board you’ll want


123 is another load board we’ll discuss during your training. If you will be entering the TMP, this will be the first load board we recommend you use. Discounted as a TALTOA client


ThomasNet is an industry directory used for finding shippers. This is one of many tools a broker can use to locate shippers and contact in hopes that shipper will use that broker to assist in procuring trucks to move their loads.


The official Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Here brokers are able to perform their due diligence on carriers when making the decision whether or not to approve a carrier for transporting the brokers loads.


A free online tool for determining mileage between two points. Commercial vehicles can not follow all accessible routes due to low bridges and local regulations, mileage must be determined using truck specific routes.

Need More Copies Of
The Freight Broker Training Manual?

All packages include the digital download of the Freight Broker Training Manual. One printed copy of the Freight Broker Training Manual will be shipped to clients that have chosen The Freight Broker Basic, The Freight Broker Standard, or any of the The Freight Broker Packages. 

Additional printed copies of The Freight Broker Manual can be purchased through Amazon for $19.95 using the button below.


Let Your Training Begin…

We recommend giving yourself a day break between training session, live or on-demand. We have found that this allows clients to completely absorb the material covered as well as provide ample time for completing eash sessions homework.

You Can Be Successful!