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Freight Broker Self-Study

Self-Study Freight Broker Training

3 Month Access to Essential Training With 24/7 Review and Support!

TALTOA Freight Broker Training Spring Special

The Self-Study

The Self-Study Freight Broker Training from TALTOA is ideal for those that are ready to begin their training immediately, or wishing to review and re-enter the industry. Once registered, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to login and get started with the essential training.
Freight Broker Self Study
The Self-Study includes the essential training for working day-to-day as a freight broker or freight broker agent and includes 3 full months of access with unlimited support from our experienced consultants. These are the same experienced consultants that work with our freight broker clients every day. Best of all, the Self-Study is upgradeable to any of our full training and consulting packages. 

Support will avail you the opportunity to contact one of our consultants when you have questions, need assistance, seek our recommendations, or just want to bounce your ideas off an experienced transportation professional.

How It Works

After registration is complete and has been processed, you’ll receive an email with instructions for setting up your account. Once your account has been setup you can login using the Login option located in the menu bar above. You may touch Login or hoover your mouse over the Login to activate the drop down menu, or the button at the bottom of the page, choose Self-Study and enter you login information.

Once you have logged in, you’ll have immediate access to the first of six essential training modules. Then, every other day, you’ll gain access to the next training module. This is to provide you with a better learning experience, allowing your to absorb the material in the current module while providing ample time to complete that modules exercise before moving forward.

The 6 Essential Training Modules

Module 1
Day 1
• Prospecting & Making Sales Calls
• Essential Training Video
• Becoming A Freight Broker
• The Process
• Finding Shippers
• Making A Sales Call
• Freight Broker Manual
• Form Downloads
• Review Quiz
• Module 1 Exercise

Module 2
Day 3
• Calculating Shipper Rates
• Essential Training Video
• Rates & Rate Sheets
• The Shipper Said Yes, Now What?
• Form Downloads
• Review Quiz
• Module 2 Exercise

Module 3
Day 5
• Working Loads/Building Lanes
• Essential Training Video
• How Much To Move A Load?
• Load Board Posting
• The Shippers Load List
• Extending Credit To A Shipper
• Form Downloads
• Review Quiz
• Module 3 Exercise

Module 4
Day 7
• Finding Trucks
• Essential Training Video
• Flatbed Trailers
• Flatbed Tarps, Securement, Risers
• Load Weight
• Lumpers
• Form Downloads
• Review Quiz
• Module 4 Exercise

Module 5
Day 9
• Carrier Setup/Contracts
• Essential Training Video
• Blind Shipments
• Bill Of Lading
• Form Downloads
• Review Quiz
• Module 5 Exercise

Module 6
Day 11
• Overage, Shortage, Damage
• Essential Training Video
• Complacency Destroys
• Into To A TMS
• How To Find A Job
• Form Downloads
• Review Quiz

The Self-Study Freight Broker On-Demand Training from TALTOA is ideal for those seeking a self-study option that provides them with the support they need from experienced individuals in the industry. The Self-Study does more than provide training and support, it also provides information on how to obtain a job as a freight broker agent. From locating brokers that use agents to the final interview, an entire video is dedicated to helping you obtain a contract as a freight broker agent.

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On-Demand Training – Three Month Consulting – Unlimited Support

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