Am I able to make money in the TMP?
Absolutely. You will be a freight broker agent working through TALTOA Logistics. As an agent in the TMP you will earn a 60% commission on the load net of any load successfully moved.

What is the purpose of the TMP?
The TMP allows you to gain real world experience working as a freight broker with your assigned consultant overseeing and mentoring every step of the way. The TMP allows you to begin building your customer base and getting that hands-on experience so at the conclusion of the TMP you can take your next step. What is that next step? That’s up to you. You may choose to continue as a freight broker agent or start your own freight brokerage company.

Can I extend my TMP?
You’ll find that you won’t need an extension. After successfully completing the TMP you’ll be ready to contract directly with a freight brokerage as a freight broker agent. You will have the opportunity to continue working as a freight broker agent direct for your TMP broker.  In addition, after completing the TMP your consulting period will begin. The consulting provides you with all the same benefits of the TMP including your assigned consultant to answer your questions, make recommendation, provide support.

 Can I start my own freight brokerage after completing the TMP?
That’s a question that only you’ll be able to answer when the time comes. We always recommend starting as a freight broker agent so that you’re able to build your customer base and gain experience. We’ve had clients that started as an agent with the goal of opening their own freight brokerage in the future. When they were able to do so, they chose to remain an agent as they were making good money and didn’t have all of the responsibility of the freight broker (liability, billing, additional overhead, administrative…).

How will I be able to find a freight broker to work with after the TMP?
Not a problem as you shouldn’t have to. After the completion of your TMP you will have the opportunity to contract directly with TALTOA Logistics as a freight broker agent. Requirements for contracting direct is that you are an active freight broker agent.

In addition, we have plenty of resources that you can use to find a freight broker including training on how to obtain a freight broker agent contract. This on-demand training will walk you through the process that includes finding a broker in which to apply, contacting, resume, interview, and contracting.

What is PAYGO Financing?
PAYGO financing allows you to make a down payment and begin the training portion of your package. The down payment includes the freight broker manual, workbook (used in training), shipping, and part 1 of your 6-part training. After completing part 1, you will be required to make a minimum payment of $100 to schedule your next session. The balance of your package must be paid prior to entering the TMP.

What hours will I be required to work in the TMP?
That is up to you. As a freight broker agent, in the TMP or with a freight brokerage, you are an independent contractor. This means you set your own hours. Keep in mind that the emphasis of the TMP is you building your customer base.

Why should I choose TALTOA?
Frist and foremost TALTOA isn’t a school, we’re a consulting firm. We consult transportation companies all over the country and have worked with transportation companies in other parts of the world. Our focus is on our clients success. If you are willing to put in the hard work to be successful, we can help. We offer stand-alone customized consulting packages as well as the packages you see on our site that include in-depth training. At TALTOA our clients success is our success!

The Training

  • Sales Training
  • Prospecting
  • Sales Calls
  • Sales Agents
  • Broker Agents
  • Agency System
  • Computing Rates
  • Negotiating Rates
  • Contract/Spot Rates
  • Double Brokered Loads
  • Blind Double Brokered Loads
  • Bulk Rates
  • Blind Shipments
  • Working With Carriers
  • Working With Shippers
  • Lane Building
  • Contracts/Agreements
  • Load Board
  • Load Confirmations
  • Software
  • Carrier Due Diligence
  • More…
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