Freight Broker Agent Mentorship Program

Training – Placement – Mentoring – Consulting

Why Choose TALTOA?

Those wishing to begin their freight broker career as a freight broker agent will find that the TALTOA Freight Broker Training & Consulting packages go above and beyond what you might expect. At TALTOA your success is our success, and our focus is on your success from day one. Regardless of the package you choose,  it all starts with training.


In-Depth, Hands-On Essential Training

All of our Freight Broker Training & Consulting packages include the essential hands-on, in-depth training for you and a guest. As many of our clients have a family member or friend that will be assisting with their freight broker business, we consider your guest as part of your team, your business, as such they may attend the optional live training free.

TALTOA Mentorship Program

For those that wish to begin their broker operation as a freight broker agent, you’re in the right place. If the package you chose includes the TMP, immediately following the essential training, you have the option to enter our mentorship program (TMP) as a freight broker agent.

You will be working as a freight broker agent  through TALTOA Logistics. The TMP allows you, the new freight broker agent, to receive more training, support, guidance, and the ability to start earning money. Commission in the TMP is 60% of load net (i.e.: customer paid $2000, agent paid truck $1500, $500 load net. Agent commission $300).

As you will be your own business, the TMP assists you every step of the way so you can focus on your success. The TMP is a stepping stone to your future.  Check out the TMP FAQ’s to learn more.


Your Own Business

As a freight broker agent, you will be your own agency working under the license of a freight broker company. In short you will be your own independent office for that freight broker. This doesn’t mean you need to rent an office space, as most freight broker agents work from home.

During the training portion of your Freight Broker Training & Consulting package, you will be working toward becoming operational. This starts with learning how to find, contact, and respond to shippers that will use your services as a freight broker. 

Day-To-Day Operations

From here we move into the day-to-day tasks of operating as a successful freight broker agent. This includes calculating rates, negotiations, finding trucks, legal, contracts, and much more. We’re not just showing you how to do it, you will be doing it. You will be working with the actual tools, programs, and software that will be used daily when working as a freight broker agent.


TALTOA Mentorship Program

Support and Assistance As You Build Your Business!

When the training portion of you package is complete, you will enter the TALTOA Mentorship Program (TMP). We initiated the TMP in 2018 and it’s been a great success. The TMP allows you to begin working as a freight broker agent right after training under the guidance of your TALTOA consultant.

Our clients have found that the TMP provides them with greater support, assistance, and the opportunity to find success quicker. The TMP allows new agents to gain experience faster as there is no need to rush out to find a contract with a freight broker to work as a freight broker agent.

In addition, the TMP allows you to keep your overhead at a minimum when first starting your freight broker operation. As any business has overhead, you want that overhead to be as little as possible. The TMP allows your consultant to make recommendations as to when to spend, so you can control unnecessary expenses.

The TMP is designed for your success, you can exit the TMP whenever you wish and retain your customers. This means that should you wish to contract to another broker or even start your own freight broker company, the work you did while in the TMP is yours.

When the time comes for you to move on from the TMP, as an agent for a new freight broker, your consulting continues for the length of time specified for your package (3, 6, or 12 months).

For example, you chose the Freight Broker Basic Training & Consulting Package that included 3 months of consulting. You participated in the TMP for 2 months and decided to exit the TMP in order to contract to a broker direct. At the time of exiting the TMP your 3 month consulting would activate.