Broker Talk Radio… From TALTOA!

It’s now official, TALTOA is producing a weekly internet radio show. Name of the show is Broker Talk and you can listen to or even participate in our live broadcasts. Broker Talk is hosted by Michael, our lead consultant, and can be heard live every Monday night at 7:00 P.M. Central Time.

Michael has already completed the initial broadcast and is available below.

* Please note that their is a short commercial before the broadcast on this embed, them not us.

The show will feature discussions about transportation related issues, interviews, and you will be able to call in with your questions, thoughts, or with whatever is on your mind. Broker Talk is airing on the Blog Talk Radio platform and you can access the show from any internet device by touching here. To call in to the show, call (646) 787-8296. Not to worry, that’s a USA number, New York City to be exact.

We are thinking that the show will be a lot of fun for everyone and a great opportunity for those thinking about becoming a freight broker to get the facts.

Thanks and talk (literally) soon,