Changes? Change Can Be Good!

Oh no, Changes? Tell me it isn’t so….

Normally, I’m not a big fan of change either, but sometimes change isn’t as much in the “change” as it is more of an addition. That’s the case with what is now happening within the inner workings of TALTOA, and it benefits you.

TALTOA has been a leader, if not the leader, in training and consulting transportation professionals over the past 20+ years. With clients literally from around the world, startup companies, established companies, trucking companies, freight brokers, freight broker agents, and the list just keeps growing.

One of the first, if not the first to provide live no travel training, guaranteed placement, mentoring, and many more firsts that made us who we are. Now, it’s gonna get even better.

As you’re reading this you found the Info & Articles option in our site menu. Over the years this has basically been our blog. This will continue somewhat but will now be used more for company info more than educational.

If you notice, the sub/drop down menu has an option now for FBT101 Info, Articles, & Video. We have resurrected to be the host for our blog/vlog. was one of the original websites that later morphed into what today is TALTOA. The sites title back in the day was Freight Broker Training 101.

While in the process of resurrecting we had a crazy idea, create a website that would provide FREE Freight Broker Training. We did, is a great tool for someone that is trying to learn more about the industry, the business of freight brokering, where to start, what to expect, the basics, and so much more.

See, sometime change can be good.

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Thanks, talk soon.