Customer Service? Customer Service!

I was reviewing the archives of our ProTransLIVE broadcasts and found one that is crucial to successful freight brokers, the importance of a freight broker providing great customer service to their shippers. One would think that this is a give me, but more times than not brokers often lack in this area.

Good customer service starts with communication. Your shipper knowing that you will provide them information, good or bad, builds trust. This trust can lead to more and better loads which translates to you, the broker, making more money.

It’s easy to pick up the phone and give good news, bad news? Not so much. Often the quicker you can get bad news to your shipper, the better the final outcome for everyone.

Think of bad news as being a hole in a boat. By not taking action immediately the boat can fill with water causing the boat to capsize, or worse sink. If however, you take action on plugging the hole in the boat immediately, you can keep the boat upright and avoid disaster.

This holds true with your shipper. If they know the bad news early enough, they can get on the offense of the situation and keep it from getting worse. It’s when your shipper is put on the defense, that the situation can spiral out of control. By this time documents have been signed, tempers have flared, and actions that could have been avoided are now a reality.


Clients can access this video in the Broadcast Archives of the ProTransLIVE website, if not a client but would like access touch here.

Talk soon…