Don’t Procrastinate… Keep Prospecting!

There is a ProTransLIVE broadcast available in the archives where we are diving back into the prospecting for shippers murky water. I say murky because as critical as it is for a new broker to prospect, some just don’t, or worse, won’t. They procrastinate. They find every excuse they can muster not to pick up the phone and call a shipper. If you are in this group, in this business, your days are numbered.

Every week we receive calls telling us, the shipper said this or that and the shipper ultimately would not set-up with the broker. So? That prospect said no. Big deal, move on, make the next call! The next call could be to a shipper that will say yes!

I know that sounds crass, but it is true. Make the next call. Without a shipper, you have no loads, without loads, you have zero chance to make money. Make the call! The only thing stopping you from making the next call is YOU!

There are broker agents earning six digit incomes brokering freight. One thing that they all have in common, they all prospect. They know that if they fail to make prospect calls their income can, and normally will, dwindle.

They know that there will be shippers that say no. They also know that there will be shippers that say yes. Which do you think is their focus? They focus on the positive! They have learned that every call they make is one call closer to landing a shipper that could add thousands of dollars to their income.

Regardless of what anyone tries to tell you, there is no easy way, no shortcuts to get shippers. You have to make the call. You will find, after you have gained experience working as a broker, that the shippers that say no actually make you money.

This ProTransLIVE archive broadcast touches on that, and will provide you with other tools you can use to find shippers. One tool you can use might amaze you, and you probably already use it for something else.

Clients have access to all of the videos and downloads and will find this video in the ProTransLIVE archive broadcast area. If you don’t have access, touch here.

Till next time…