Freight Broker Consulting

We’re asked occasionally, what the difference is between the freight broker training and the freight broker agent training. Basically, the consulting. As a freight broker and freight broker agent essentially perform the same tasks (i.e.; finding shippers, obtaining loads, and finding trucks), the back-end is where the difference lies.

Our consulting for a freight broker agent is designed to be a continuation of their training through consulting. Assisting the agent in all aspects of their operation so they can become successful. Many of our agent clients want to grow their business, gain the experience, and eventually obtain their freight broker license. We want to help them achieve their dreams.

By helping clients obtain their goals, we hope to have a long relationship. Many of our freight broker agent clients have continued their consulting after starting their own freight brokerage company. They know that the consulting is critical to their operation on many levels.

The consulting for a freight broker is entirely different than that of an agent. Our freight broker consulting can be as minimal as phone and email support with access to our client area, or as extreme as travailing to the client’s location to assist them in their startup operation.

The consulting for a freight broker can be as much, or as little, as the client chooses. Normally when we travel to a client’s location we are there for a full week. During this week we conduct training for them and their staff, prepare their documents, assist with set up of their freight broker management system, implement their agency system, and the list goes on. In short, get their brokerage operating before we depart.

In our experience, we have found that a start-up freight brokerage should consider consulting at the same time they are preparing the filing for their authority. This allows us to start working, planning, and preparing for travel (if required) to the client’s location.

We have had clients that started their brokerage without the training or experience, that waited too long. By the time they contacted us for help, they had no real operating capital in which to be able to turn things around, or were so overwhelmed that they just didn’t care. It’s always better to do it right from the start than try to turn it around later.

I wish I could say every client we’ve had went on to have great success, but that isn’t the case. In reality, we can only do what the client is willing to do, and no more.

If you’re planning to start your own freight brokerage, I invite you to call and discuss a consulting package customized to fit your future operation and budget.

Thanks and have a great day.