How To Become A Freight Broker

One of the most common questions we’re asked is how to become a freight broker? The simple answer is to obtain your license and start brokering. But that isn’t necessarily the right answer.

Before taking that step, you want to have information, training, and practical experience. This is why, more times than not, we always recommend one starts as a freight broker agent. By starting as a freight broker agent you’re able to gain experience, build your business, have that solid foundation without the responsibility, liability, and expense.

The first thing to understand is that a freight broker is a sales person. At least a big part of it. You are selling shippers to use your service as well as selling loads to carriers. Those that have a background in sales can excel working as a freight broker, those that have no experience in sales can still excel if they learn how to sell.

If you have no real sells experience, don’t worry as you’ve been selling your whole life without realizing it. You sold your parents, friends, and family as to what you wanted for Christmas or your birthday. You were selling when you asked him/her out for that first date. You were selling on every job interview. So, you have been selling, you just need to learn what makes the sell work.

In all our training & consulting packages the first thing we cover is sales and selling. This is included in all essential training. Those that have opted for a package that includes supplemental training receive more information and training for selling.

As a freight broker or freight broker agent, you are your own business. No one is going to give you anything, you must go out and get it yourself. This means making a lot of sales calls. As the starting point for everyone is basically the same, zero, you must work to gain clients. Even those freight broker agents earning 6-digit incomes started at zero. They just worked hard, and over time received their payoff.

Working as a freight broker isn’t sitting behind a desk answering the phone, you must be aggressive. You must pick up the phone and make the calls. Calls to shippers and calls to carriers. As a freight broker your entire day will be spent in front of the computer and on the phone.

The hardest part about freight brokering, at least in my opinion, is that dreaded start-up period. That period when you are working hard to obtain shippers, get loads, get trucks. But this start-up period doesn’t last forever. If you’ve been working properly, you should be adding clients, obtaining loads, and finally moving loads. How long does the start-up period last? There is no correct answer as it all depends on you. Are you doing what is required to be successful? Are you really working?

Many romanticize the idea of working as a freight broker as they will be self-employed, in charge of their own business, no more working for “the man”, the ability to work from home. Although all of this is true, you still must work to build the business, and believe me when I say there’s nothing romantic about that. Once you’ve built the business, you’ll look back on that start-up period with fondness, but that’s about it.

So, how does one become a freight broker? First thing you must do is take an inventory of yourself. Do you have what it takes to be successful? Do you have that drive to succeed? Is that entrepreneurial spirit screaming to be loosed? If you’ve answered yes to all those questions, then you’ve completed step 1.

Step 2 is learning how to be a freight broker. We honestly believe that we are your best choice for learning how to be a successful freight broker. As we are a consulting firm with consulting packages that include training, our goal is for you to be successful. If you’re successful, then we’ve succeeded.

Thanks, and talk soon…