Introducing The TMP…

Over the last several years we have guaranteed placement with a licensed freight broker for those wishing to work as a freight broker agent. Now, we’re taking that one step further.

As is often the case with a new broker agent, they have questions and seek guidance from their broker on building their agency. As the new broker agent is in the start up phase of their business, and not yet producing, they can be left feeling alone. This happens as the freight broker is focused on what is currently making money, not what might make money.

Can’t really blame the freight broker for this lack of attention, as they just don’t have the time to invest into a new, unproven, freight broker agent. They do have a business to run, with their focus on what makes money. This is why a freight broker requires that a new agent have experience and/or a book of business.

For several months, we have been working on a way to eliminate these issues for a new broker agent. A way that would provide a new broker agent with more assistance and guidance in addition to our consulting. It hasn’t been easy and has required a major investment in time and money. But our goal is for all our clients to be successful and in the end, we decided to take this step.

We’ve implemented a new program for those wishing to work as a freight broker agent that will provide additional support, better guidance, and the opportunity for greater success. We call it the TALTOA Mentorship Program (TMP) and it’s now included with all Freight Broker Agent Training & Consulting packages that include placement.

We have partnered with a financially sound and well respected licensed freight broker to provide our freight broker agent clients an agency building system that allows them to obtain immediate assistance, better guidance, and the support a new broker agent needs to build their business better and faster.

New broker agents can participate in the TMP for as long as they wish. In short, those participating in the TMP will continue to have unlimited consulting privileges from TALTOA regardless of the training and consulting package chosen.

We want all our clients to be successful. We believe that the addition of the TMP will help us, and our clients, reach this goal. No one can guarantee success, but the TMP is a step in the right direction.

To learn more about the TMP, call and speak to one of our consultants.

Thanks, and have a great day.