Never Throw In The Towel

One reason a freight broker or freight broker agent fails is that they throw in the towel. They essentially give up. They just stop. One of the first things we make sure our clients understand is that the start-up period for a freight broker business isn’t easy, and it takes time. But, the rewards can be great!

I’m reminded of a client from several years ago that began their broker operation as a freight broker agent, with the aspiration of obtaining their own freight broker license in the future. They were doing everything exactly right. They were building their business, growing, but in their mind, it wasn’t happening fast enough, so they just quit. If they wouldn’t have quit, there’s no telling how large they might be today.

Too often a new freight broker or freight broker agent expects their business to be successful overnight. I wish that could be true, but the reality is that it takes time. Time to acquire the customers, time to build the relationships with the shippers and carriers, time to gain the knowledge to determined what is and isn’t profitable, time to find the customers that have loads that can be extremely profitable. This can and will happen in time, one step at a time.

It’s important to understand that what you do today sets the stage for what you get back tomorrow. The shipper you call today may be your largest customer in the future. Had you not made that call, that future opportunity would have been missed.

Everyone knows the story of Apple Computers. It started in a garage. Microsoft started when Bill Gates made one phone call. All success starts with someone doing something. That “something” may seem trivial at the time, but when examined later, one finds that it was vital for success. In addition, that something is usually followed up by another something, and then another…

One thing that is common with every success, no one threw in the towel. As I’ve shared in the past, a wise man once told me that the harder you work the luckier you’ll get. But you have to do that first “something”. Then don’t stop, don’t quit, don’t throw in the towel.

Thanks, and talk soon.

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