Something New… Something Improved!

Well, as you may have noticed our site looks a little different now. We had a minor issue but decided to rework the site to make it easier to navigate as well as make some changes to some of the packages. In addition, we’ve added a new package for those wishing to be freight broker agents.

Let’s start with the new freight broker agent package, called the Freight Broker Agent Basic. To date, our most inexpensive training and consulting package for freight broker agents with a price of only $495.

Now this package isn’t for everyone as it is designed for those that have or know they will be able to obtain a contract with a licensed freight broker, and those that have been out of the industry for a while wanting a refresher.

The package includes the essential training for working as a freight broker agent and one month of consulting. This includes 24/7 access to our client area during the one-month consulting. To get the skinny on his package touch here.

The biggest change is to our Freight Broker Agent package, now known as the Freight Broker Agent PLUS! This is the package where you come to our location for training.

We’ve retooled the original package and made it stand out. Now there is 4 days of hands-on training with a 12-month consulting period. But here’s the best part, those choosing the Freight Broker Agent PLUS! Package will begin working as a freight broker agent, building their client base, starting with day 1 of their training.

Each of the four days will be spent in training PLUS working as a freight broker agent under the guidance of your assigned consultant.

This is a consulting package that includes in-depth, hands-on, real world experience getting training. What does this mean for you? In short, the training is designed especially for you, and your guest. There won’t be 20 other people in attendance like you might find in a traditional classroom setting. As a consulting firm, we provide one-on-one training and consulting for each client.

If you’d like to learn more about the Freight Broker Agent PLUS! Touch here.

Talk soon…