TALTOA Mentorship Program (TMP) – An Update

This year TALTOA introduced the TMP, TALTOA Mentorship Program, to provide better support, additional training, and assistance for new freight broker agents. Now that it’s been several months since its inception, we thought we’d take a moment and report on its progress.

Prior to the TMP we would immediately place a freight broker agent with one of our existing freight broker clients which we consulted. This had worked for many years with many clients finding success and building their business as a freight broker agent. Some went on to start their own freight brokerage company.

Although this placement had worked and had its benefits, we have always wanted to make it better. One issue that had occasionally popped up was often a new freight broker agent failed to receive the support and assistance from their freight broker.

One can’t really blame the freight broker as a freight broker company is in the business of making money. A new freight broker agent was just that, new. They had no book of business, which, in short meant, they weren’t making money.

If the freight broker agent isn’t making money neither is the freight broker. As a freight broker will focus on what makes them money, the freight broker often didn’t have time to assist the new freight broker agent as maybe they would have wished.

The TMP was designed to eliminate this problem. The TMP allows a new freight broker agent to be mentored as they start building their business. This allows a new freight broker agent to work, make money, build their book of business, continue learning, and create a solid foundation in which to grow.

After the new agent completes the training portion of their package, they are then contracted to work under a licensed freight broker through the TMP. Once contracted the first order of business is that the new agent attends the no travel orientation.

This orientation provides the new agent with all documentation, procedures, and initial training for using the Transportation Management System (TMS). Once orientation is complete, the new agent can start working, knowing that they have the full support of the TMP. This support includes immediate assistance, answers to questions, additional training, recommendations, and much more.

As a freight broker agent in the TMP, they not only thrive but know that they are building a foundation for their future. The goal of the TMP is for the new agent to gain the experience and build their book of business so that, when ready, they can exit the TMP and obtain a direct contract with a freight broker. There is no time limit for how long a new agent can participate in the TMP.

We are finding that the TMP is doing exactly what is was designed to do, assist a new freight broker agent so that they can be more successful, faster. With all the support mechanisms in place, we are finding new agents building their customer base much faster than before. There are agents currently in the TMP that have over 200 loads available daily which they can move.

In addition, we are finding agents moving more loads, one such agent recently moved 14 loads in one day. We have found that many of the agents in the TMP successfully move their first load within weeks, not months. The TMP has already produced an agent that has received a paycheck of over $1000.

It’s important to understand that even though the TMP is proving to be more successful than anything we could have imagined; the bottom line is the new freight broker agent must do the work. The TMP allows us to be more involved with a new freight broker agent that is working. This involvement allows us to make recommendations, keep them on track or get them back on track if needed, and provide more training as they grow.

The bottom line is that for those that are willing to do what it takes to be a successful freight broker agent, the TMP has proven to be a remarkable success.

Thanks, and talk soon.

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