The Secrete To Becoming A Successful Freight Broker…

Everyone wants to know the secrete for being a successful freight broker or freight broker agent. Scores of people say they know the secrete, they know how to make $____________ (fill in the blank) working as a freight broker or freight broker agent… and they’ll tell you their secrete for $_________ (fill in the blank).

Not a week goes by that we’re not asked what the secrete is to be a successful freight broker, at least a half dozen times. Actually, that’s a very good question. But as I was told a long time ago, if it was as easy as a secrete, everyone would be doing it.

In this free report, we’re going to tell you the prerequisites for being a successful freight broker.  Prerequisites? Absolutely. If you don’t or can’t possess these, the chance of you being a successful freight broker drop significantly.

Prerequisite #1

Possess The Entrepreneurial Spirit! This is a must. Even if you plan to work as a freight broker agent, this is a must!  The Merriam-Webster definition of an entrepreneur: a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss to make money. As an agent you will be your own business. Anyone can be an entrepreneur. But I said possess the entrepreneurial spirit, successful entrepreneurs have this “spirit.”

The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t a thing, it’s traits. It’s the makeup of an individual. Either you have them or you don’t. Some of these traits include: unstoppable drive, passion, resiliency, part hustler, calculated risk taker, problem solver, borderline or a full-fledged workaholic,… you get the idea.

An entrepreneur with the spirit can be an unstoppable force. The word “can’t” isn’t in their vocabulary. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll turn over every stone until they find the answer. If they don’t know how to do something, they’ll learn.

Being an entrepreneur is one thing, having the spirit to go along with it increases your chances for being a successful freight broker or freight broker agent tenfold.

Prerequisite # 2

Summed up in one word – DISCIPLINE! To be a successful freight broker or freight broker agent you must have discipline. As you will be your own boss, no one is going to be standing over you to make sure you do certain tasks. No one is going to scold you for being late for work or taking off early. It’s all on you to make sure the menial tasks as well as the important tasks are completed. As the business owner you quickly realize that there are no menial tasks. Every task is an important one.

Lack of discipline will lead to complacency. Complacency is death for a freight broker.  You may skirt by for a while, but one-day complacency will rear its ugly head and bite you in the wallet. Often this bite comes at the worst possible time and will normally lead to disaster.

Prerequisite #3

Ambition! You must have a strong desire to not only work as a freight broker but be a successful freight broker.  Ambition is a driving force requiring determination and hard work! A powerful word as with it you have the desire and determination to achieve success.

Prerequisite #4

Proper training. You can have the spirit, the discipline, the ambition… but without the proper training it won’t make you a single penny! Now, those that have the spirit, discipline, and ambition already know that training is a must, the word proper is normally the area that can present problems.

There are hundreds of choices for training. Obviously, we would rather you choose our training and consulting services, but you will be the one making that choice. A word of advice, price does not make the training better or worse. Price comparison shopping for training, that will directly impact your future, isn’t a good idea.

We’ve had many clients, that spent thousands with others, come to us as they hadn’t learned the basic skills for working as a freight broker. The one thing each of these clients had in common was that they were sold a dream. Promises of making thousands on one load, making over a $100,000 in their first year, how easy it would be, that they’d be making money almost immediately…. A simple rule to follow when seeking training is – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The fact is that with all of the prerequisites listed above, there is no guarantee you will be successful. This is true with any new business, not just for working as a freight broker.  However, the prerequisites listed are mandatory in order to be successful.

You can have the spirit, the discipline, the ambition but without the proper training it will be for naught. In the same breath, you can have the best training in the world but without the spirit, discipline, and ambition it will still be for naught. Each one working with the other is what will bring you success. What about a little luck? A successful business person once said “…it’s amazing to me. The harder I work the luckier I get.”

Thanks, and talk soon.